Intro to IT: Delve Into Innovation and Technology with LeverX Group

Intro to IT is a free educational program introduced by LeverX Group for those who want to start a career in IT

We are here to fight your fears and break popular stereotypes, such as:


Many barriers to entry

You have to spend half your life to obtaining specific skills


Technical education

It’s impossible to enter IT without specialized technical education


The IT industry is complex

I will never understand how IT processes run

leverx group

Any other stereotypes? We are ready to dispel all myths and make you understand that you can conquer the IT heights!


Intro to IT Is Your Path to Changes

Many IT courses have strict requirements for their students. But the only requirement we have is your desire to obtain new knowledge and develop as a professional.


Are an undergraduate or recently graduated from a university and realized that you made in mistake in choosing a career path
Want to get into IT and want somebody to direct you on this journey
Are ready to develop in a completely new sphere
Are fluent in English or mastering English right now

We Know How to Help You

Intro to IT is more than an attempt to show you that working in IT is cool. We want to help you realize your potential in a new profession, and we know how to do it

After the program, you will:

  • Better understand the specifics of the IT world
  • Learn what technical and communication skills you should have to work in IT
  • Get the base needed for further development in IT

LeverX Group in Figures

LeverX Group consists of two divisions: LeverX and Emerline. More than 1600 employees work here today. The company's offices are located in the USA, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, the UK, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. The corporate headquarters is located in Miami, Florida.


year of establishment


new employees during 2021


successful projects






YEARS is the average age of employees


offices in 9 countries

LeverX is an SAP Global Strategic Supplier for Technical Services and a full-cycle service provider with 19 years of close collaboration with SAP. LeverX is an SAP Gold Partner.

Among the SAP solutions, we are working with are: SAP S/4HANA, TM, EWM, IBP, CRM, PLM, PP/DS, BI, and many others. LeverX is a part of SAP AppHaus Network, where we are ready to provide Design Thinking sessions aimed at finding the best solutions to meet current business needs.

SAP Yard Logistics
SAP Marketing Cloud
Artificial Intelligence
SAP ERP and Finance
Emerline develops web and mobile solutions for both startups and large businesses from Western Europe and the USA. We invest in R&D and apply IoT, AR, VR, blockchain, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies on projects. The company's portfolio also includes its own products.
Augmented reality
Internet of things
Machine learning
Location sensing

LeverX Group Is a Good Starting Point for the IT World

Why LeverX Group? These are the answers:

Time-tested reliability

For over 20 years, our company has been successfully collaborating with famous market leaders. Our team of more than 1600 employees is rapidly expanding the geography of the offices.



Lecture #1 — Entry to IT. Introduction lesson

  • The history of LeverX Group and overview of company projects.
  • Ways of development of specialists in IT. Specialist levels: Junior, Middle, Senior.
  • Stories of company employees who enter IT from other areas.
  • The structure of lectures and criteria for assessing knowledge.

The speaker is Dzmitry Buriak, Software Engineer.


Lecture #2 — Application development life cycle

  • What is project development?
  • Development stages: analysis, design, development, testing, release.
  • Who is involved in the development: the roles and responsibilities of specialists.
  • Review of modern programming languages and technologies.
  • Programmer's tools.

The speaker is Siarhei Valenda, Software Engineer.


Lecture #3 — Logic operations and algorithms

  • What are logical operations?
  • Types of logical operations.
  • Algorithms and their properties.
  • Types of algorithms.
  • The importance of logical operations and algorithms in developing application business logic.

The speaker is Viktoryia Shyrokaya, Software Engineer


Lecture #4 — Data: types and structures

  • What is data in programming?
  • Data types.
  • Basic methods for working with various data types.
  • The concept of an object.
  • The concept of data structure.
  • Types of data structures.

The speaker is Siarhei Bahamiaka, Software Engineer


Lecture #5 — Application business logic programming fundamentals

  • What are cycles, and what are they for?
  • Loop types and use cases.
  • Branches, their types, and use cases.
  • Functions: what are they for, and how to use them.

The speaker is Viktoryia Shyrokaya, Software Engineer


Lecture #6 — User interface

  • Сreation of the user interface.
  • User interaction with the business logic of the application.
  • Display the results of an operation called by the user at the interface level.
  • Handling errors in the business logic of the application.

The speaker is Aliaksei Paverany, Software Engineer


Lecture #7 — Development quality

  • The role of testing in development.
  • Types of testing.
  • Testing tools in terms of code.
  • Quality, code style, and good practices.

The speaker is Siarhei Bahamiaka, Software Engineer


Lecture #8 — Application development: a real-life example

  • Work with the functional requirements for the application.
  • Planning, decomposition, and development evaluation.
  • Writing a basic application from scratch.
  • Preparing for testing.

The speaker is Aliaksei Paverany, Software Engineer

Our speakers
Dzmitry Buriak
Software Engineer
Siarhei Valenda
Software Engineer
Viktoryia Shyrokaya
Software Engineer
Siarhei Bahamiaka
Software Engineer
Aliaksei Paverany
Software Engineer

program info

1 month
8 one-hour lessons
Monday, thursday

Stories of our Employees

Dzmitry Buriak

Lead Software Engineer / Team Lead

I was a musician before I entered IT. Despite studying at the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, I entered the music school and then, the Belarusian State Academy of Music.

I have always loved music, but in the last years of my studying I realized that I did not want to devote my life to it. In 2010, I became interested in IT. There was not such a variety of courses as now, but one friend advised me to retrain at the Institute of Information Technologies under BSUIR. At that time, I did not even dream of employment, which many courses now offer. However, two years of study gave me enough knowledge and after completing my studies, I got a job at LeverX Group.

Before joining the company, it seemed to me that IT specialists were people who communicate using complex algorithms and can multiply five-digit numbers in their heads. To not feel insecure and make everybody understand I work at the same pace, I constantly studied and worked even on weekends. This helped me quickly grow as a specialist. Now I can say that my initial idea was wrong, but thanks to my doubts, I promptly raised my technical level.

Today, IT companies are much more loyal to beginners, and there are many more opportunities to enter this field. The world is our ouster: IT companies always welcome motivated, hard-working people ready for new knowledge!
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Vadim Usov

Web Developer

In 1999, I graduated from BSUIR, but my specialty was not related to IT, although programming was part of the curriculum. According to the diploma, I am an engineer in automatic control in technical systems. My specialty implies working with electronics, which was my occupation for a long period of my life.

I got interested in IT in 2000 when I had my first computer. Then I created my first website. If, at that time, I had a friend in this field who told me where to start and in what direction to move, I would have already started developing.

However, I continued to work as an engineer. The peculiarity of this area is that professional development ends when the systems for learning end. But I wanted to grow constantly. So I got to the BSUIR web development courses. I remember that only 12 students out of 35 completed the course, and I was not among them. By then, I had already been working at LeverX Group, and I couldn’t combine work and study. The choice was clear.

I entered IT when I was 40 years old. I had many doubts and fears about whether it was possible to radically change my life. I can say for sure that this is possible! And this is worth the time and effort spent.

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Anton Sviarzhynski

Middle Front-End Developer

I got interested in IT over three years ago. I am an engineer and have previously worked in the field of building design. I worked there for a long time, and one day, I realized that I had no paths for further development, neither professionally nor financially. I decided it was time to change something.

In the beginning, I tried to learn Frontend development on my own, but, to be honest, I failed in it. Then I signed up for an evening course, which I attended for several months. I continued self-study, got involved in various projects to get some practice, and improved my level of English.

To feel more confident in interviews, I completed another course. After that course, I began to send out my resume to IT companies. I failed the first two interviews, however, I began to feel even more confident and understood what I needed to strengthen. This helped me pass the third interview successfully and get a job at LeverX Group.
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Maksim Rudakouski

Design Manager - UX/UI Team Lead

My IT journey started 12 years ago. At the time, I was a law student and studied international Law and Legal Psychology. In my first year, I realized that I had made a mistake by choosing this profession. The reason is simple: law turned out to be boring, but I wanted to be engaged in creative activities.

I didn’t leave university because IT was not so popular at that time, and I didn’t believe that I could somehow connect my life with design. However, I turned my hobby (passion for Photoshop) into a part-time job: I developed the design of business cards.

Previously, there were no specialized design courses, and it was almost impossible to find competent articles on design. Therefore, I learned everything by trial and error.

Business cards, flash banners, website, and social network development 一 I started all projects with a minimum set of knowledge (sometimes without it) and developed my skills in the process. Honestly speaking, I often had to work without sleep and rest, especially during my work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but I’ve never quit what I started.

Now, I am Design Manager - UX/UI Team Lead at LeverX Group, and I can confidently say the following:
a) If I had the opportunities that the IT beginners have, my path would be two times shorter.
b) Whether you are a manager, an accountant, a teacher, or a nuclear physicist, there is a place for everyone in this field.
c) If you are open to new knowledge and ready to work and constantly develop professionally, you will succeed.
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