Do you know why #leverxpeople always get things done? Because our employees are the most talented and motivated people. They like their job and always bring something new into everyday work.

In Pursuit of Knowledge: Internal Educational Week at LeverX Group


#leverxpeople are like stars that shine bright in the sky. They strive to improve our department-planets and office-galaxies, making our LeverX Group universe greater. They build new inter-command and inter-collegiate connections by sharing experience, information, and knowledge, and strengthening the community.

That’s why we launched an internal educational week. It took place online from 13 to 17 June. What is EDU Week? These are 500+ participants, nine cool speakers, and ten useful presentations. 

Speakers from the Node.js team discussed not only software application development and integration, but also agile technologies, the importance of soft skills, and other exciting topics.

Thanks a lot to our speakers for their helpful multi-format meetings and to all the participants for their active involvement and questions. By the way, the author of the most interesting one traditionally received a gift from the company, branded merch with the symbols of EDU Week. 

The first episode of EDU Week was intense and useful for everyone. And our participants confirm this fact: all of them are ready to recommend this educational event to their colleagues. It is the best motivation for us, so we are actively working on the second EDU Week episode. In July, it will be hosted by one of the SAP ABAP teams.

Don’t miss the opportunity to beef up your knowledge!


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